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Different Day, Different Light

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High on the list of promising talents we find the producing/dj team behind Progression. The 2 producers Daniel van Wanrooy and Robin van der Wiel do what they do best. Eat, sleep and breathe music. With a friendship and music history going back to 1991, these guys decided to team up in 2002 and they made a banging entry with their first huge release "Ocean Green/Purify" on Fundamental Recordings. The deep solid energy from the release immediately caught the attention from dj's such as Tiësto, Ferry Corsten and Armin van Buuren. They met attending the same school back in '91, and quickly became friends when learning that they both shared the same dream and passion.

And after setting their first steps in the world of music as friends, they decided late 2002 to go forward as a team and their first project 'Odyssee' was born. Odyssee, often similarly described as 'solid energetic trance with a hint of nostalgia', made it's first appearance on Lost Language Recordings with their "2 Worlds Collide/Dreamcatcher" release and on Gesture Recordings with the "Maya/Yucatan", which both did insane damage on the dancefloor. Odyssee then had one release on Black Hole Recordings with "Frontline/Evolution" before Robin and Daniel started on a new project with Black Hole Recordings called Inbox.

Progression came early to life when they started fully exploring their "deeper sound" as they like to call it, a sound that is carried by uplifting strong beats and is told in melodic delights. Progressions 2nd "InDeep Sounds/Sands of Time" was equally well received as their 1st "Ocean Green/Purify" release which got confirmed when it got featured on Tiësto's "In Search of Sunrise 4" compilation along with  their Odyssee "Evolution" track which... "mix o so nicely" as said by Tiësto. These guys are pumping out great tracks left and right and making their sound heard.

The album “ Different Day, Different Light”  has been produced over 1,5 years and their inspiration came mainly of playing with Tiësto at his In Search Of Sunrise events in Londen, Amsterdam, Glasgow, Dublien, Tienen, Athens, and Kalithea in Greece. These unique experiences contributed to the powerful feel of this double album which also features the vocals of many talented singers. Manon Polare, Nefesz, Koosje Volkers and UK based Red featured on these vocal tracks what all are superb productions and very upfront tracks.

Different Day, Different Light can be seen as true quality product on Black Hole Recordings

CD 1:
1. Beneath The Surface
2. Echoes
3. Go The Distance
4. Loving Memories
5. Golden Gate
6. The Others
7. The Way Things Move
8. Freq'd
9. Technophobia
10. 16

CD 2:
1. Bell Shock
2. Stranger
3. Unreal
4. Electric Emotions
5. Treble
6. Hit & Run
7. Different Day, Different Light
8. Wirewood
9. Square Sky
10. Overtone

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Release Date Oct 4, 2007
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